Since I’ve started seeing them, I have improved considerably. I have better mobility and do not suffer from my ailments like I have in the past. They are also very good at diagnosing the new issues I bring into them. I highly recommend going to see the Drs Clark if you have any health issues.

– Randall P.

Dr. Fred Clarke has been our trusted Chiropractor for many years. We have also occasionally seen Dr. Jeremiah Clarke, his formidable partner in The Healing Arts. We were finally able to get honest diagnoses and real treatments that provide real healing. We have seen miraculous improvements in the health of all of us. The staff is super friendly and provide great customer service.Highly recommend this provider!

– Crystal P.

detail, how the subluxations in my spine were affecting my overall health and what was needed to get me on a path to feeling better. My back pain was just the tip of the iceberg! It doesn’t happen with 1 or 2 treatments, but with a care plan and maintenance visits I am feeling 100% better ..not to mention he saved me the high cost of a shoulder MRI AND FIXED MY SHOULDER. In my opinion, Dr. Fred is a miracle worker and has also successfully treated many members of my family!!

– Shelbie W.

One of the hardest things about being a chiropractor-you can’t adjust yourself! After trying many chiropractors in the greater Kansas City area I am so thrilled to find someone who can adjust! Great office, knowledgeable and skilled hands. Definitely recommend if you are in the area.

– Meagan L.

Very satisfied with my care. Dr. Clark educated me about my condition and suggested a plan to improve several conditions. He is interested in improving my total health and well being. My health has improved and the initial condition I had has nearly disappeared. Well worth the time and money.

– Robert H.

The doctor’s are very knowledgeable and everyone there is very friendly and helpful. I am extremely happy to have been referred to Dr. Fred Clarke by a coworker so I can avoid having carpal tunnel surgery.

– Tonya B.

Dr. Clark is such a humble and respectful person. Cares for you and your family.

– Cathy L.