Feet come in all different sizes and shapes. Research has pointed to some causes of low back pain due to flat feet and foot deformities. Life Chiropractic utilizes the Mojo foot orthotic system. Mojo feet is a foot leveling orthotic that is used at Life Chiropractic because of its precision and customization that meets the need for the patient. 

The doctor will make an assessment and if it is determined foot orthotics would benefit you, we take YOUR foot and mold it. That mold is then sent to a state of the art facility to create custom made a set of foot orthotics. Foot orthotics can greatly add to keep your posture and body in balance. Each foot is molded by the doctor who is trained in identifying foot problems, and the proper molding technique.

Scoliosis Bracing with Spinecor

The Spinecor (TM) System is the first and only Dynamic Corrective Brace for the treatment of idiopathic Scoliosis.

Scoliosis Specialists of Kansas City is a provider of the SpineCor Brace. – the brace that is revolutionizing scoliosis bracing all over the world. SpineCor is the only soft scoliosis brace that allows for normal life activity & natural growth while actually correcting your scoliosis. The softness & flexibility of the SpineCor Brace is a massive upgrade from traditional scoliosis braces that restrict movement and lead to muscle atrophy. Because our sole focus is all-natural, non-surgical scoliosis treatment, the SpineCor brace has experienced an amazing 89% success rate in patients. SpineCor is a non-surgical approach to scoliosis treatment.  If you’re suffering from scoliosis at any level, then call for your Free Consultation and to learn more about the the top scoliosis brace in the world

Whether it is Adult onset scoliosis or Juvenile idiopathic scoliosis The SpineCor Brace can help. Many people think there are only two options for scoliosis.

  1. The heavy, cumbersome, Boston Brace        OR
  2. Spinal fusion surgery

The rigid Boston brace has a main goal of holding the scoliosis at bay – NOT correcting it. Long term outlook with the Boston brace is often a slow degeneration of the scoliosis until surgery is needed. Many Surgeons will also employ the wait and see approach until the scoliosis is over 40 degrees and then utilize Harrington rods or fusion to fuse and hold the spine in place – still not correcting the scoliosis.

The SpinCor brace can correct the spine while allowing complete mobility. The brace can be kept under clothing for complete concealment and privacy. To see a brace in action and get your questions answered CALL TODAY to set up a FREE consultation with the doctor. 


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